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The Mama Recovery Pack - Perineum Ice & Heat Pads

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  • Description
  • Preparing for childbirth is high on the to-do list of every mama to be. First and foremost, caring for our bodies is of utmost importance. These incredible Perineum Ice & Heat Strips will be your saviour. They are designed to assist mums both pre and post childbirth. (They can even be used effectively during the 2nd stage of labour! Ah-may-zing!) They have so many uses, honestly they will be your new go-to item.

    Benefits of Perineum Ice & Heat Strips

    • Provides soothing relief post childbirth (cold compress)
    • Eases pain caused by symphysis pubis dysfunction, vulval varicosities and haemorrhoids (cold compress)
    • Reduces the occurrence of perineal trauma (warm compress)
    • Assists with perineal massage (warm compress)

    Features of Perineum Ice & Heat Strips

    • Safe & non-toxic - made from PVC & non-toxic aqua pearl beads
    • 80g in weight
    • 19cm x 7cm in size
    • Pack contains 2 x perineum strips + 2 x washable protective covers

    Instructions for use:

    (TO COOL) Simply store the pads in the refrigerator (without washable sleeve) for 1-2 hours or in the freezer for 30 minutes. Place the perineum strip in protective sleeve and then place inside your underwear for up to 20 minutes.  Wait until the skin returns to normal temperature before reapplying.

    (TO HEAT) To heat in microwave (without washable sleeve), wrap the strip in a dry towel and microwave for 15 seconds or until desired temperature is reached (based on 600w microwave.) If desired temperature hasn't been reached, continue to heat in microwave in 5 second increments. To heat in water, submerge the strip in the hot water until it reaches desired temperature. Place the perineum strip in protective sleeve and then place inside your underwear for up to 20 minutes.

    DisclaimerDo not leave this product within reach of children. If product is punctured, discard.

    Please read all product descriptions, ingredients and our Safety Disclaimer before purchasing.