Hospital, Birth & Postpartum Checklist

Your essential Hospital, Birth & Postpartum Bag Packing Checklist for a stress free birth in Australia, wherever you decide to birth.

Whether you're a super organised, or like to live on the edge a little and find yourself organising things at the very last  minute, as babies due date gets nearer, you are starting to get your ducks in a row, your nursery finalised, fit that car seat, practising with the pram, buying last minute items, trying to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything as bubs could arrive any day now – but what to pack for hospital🤔?

I suggest packing three bags, sounds a bit much right? But here me out:

  • Birth & partner bag for labour & delivery
  • Mumma bag for your hospital stay
  • Baby Bag

Packing our bags into three helped us minimise the time it took to sift through and find what we needed during birth and during recovery, because trust us when we say – you will want to find things quickly and easily! I knew exactly where things were and it made finding what I needed in the heat of the moment, a breeze.

My Checklist Here!