• Making Mama is a deeply connected community of women who live, breathe and absolutely celebrate motherhood - in every form. 

    Welcome to Making Mama, a space to celebrate, honour and care for mamas, mamas-to-be, mamas of angels, motherly figures, birthing women, mamas of many and new mamas. 

    With a deep desire to encourage mamas to look after their mind, body and soul, Making Mama began as a safe, judgement-free space showcasing the ethical and sustainable wares of Australian pregnancy, birth and postpartum products, made with love. Owned and operated by fellow mama, physiotherapist and woman of colour Joey Van, Making Mama became about so much more than self care for our mamas. 

  • It is Making Mama’s mission to make purchasing safe, eco-friendly, well-researched products for the mother easy - whether it’s treating yourself to a self-care item, or taking care of the mama you love with high-quality wares. Making Mama’s dedication to sustainable, recyclable, ethically-made products from Australian small businesses is a loyalty to female communities - and that is a commitment we are never willing to shake. 

    Thank you for taking your first step towards supporting earth conscious, Australian made, functional products that help us love our mamas. We can’t wait to meet you. 

    With love, the Making Mama Community x

Meet The Face Behind The Brand

Making Mama was born (pardon the pun!) during my postpartum period with my firstborn, Bellamy. Amidst COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne, we were unable to connect with family and friends, both locally and interstate.
Throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum, I suffered with anxiety, and constant questions about my new journey into motherhood. My guiding light was connecting with other women in online, who encouraged me to look after my physical and spiritual body at every trimester.

I began writing my own affirmation cards, and from there, Making Mama was born.

Ever since I began building Making Mama, it has been my vision to celebrate and honour mamas just as much as we celebrate our beautiful, precious babies.

Now a family of five (myself, hubby - Tung, Bellamy, Avery and fur baby Soba), it is my mission to continue creating a space that is solely dedicated to nurturing the mother - in one beautiful, loving area.

Please, enjoy everything that Making Mama has to offer.

With love,


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